Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I Did on Summer Vacation

Whew, long...long time in posting. Life's been busy and very tumultuous. So, here's the short list on what I did this summer.

  1. Rushed from the end of Mirage season into workshops, performances and teaching.
  2. Decided spur of the moment to get some professional pics taken, and then decided to make a new costume in less than 10 days.
  3. Realized that my belly dancing rut had more to do with life in general and decided it may be time to make some changes, big changes.
  4. Decided I wanted to take a sabbatical from Mirage in the fall, and re-group.
  5. Discovered the Artist's Way and realized it may just be what I needed to restart my creative juices.
  6. Found an Artist's Way group starting the book in September...and joined them.
  7. Was invited to join Bahaia and Stacey Lizette in a twice a year student recital, that we named "The Hip Circle Hafla" in which performances would be limited to our students.
  8. Joined forces with Jamie Lynn to create a one-day costume workshop to teach people how to make and alter cabaret-style costumes.
  9. Announced to Mirage that I would be taking a sabbatical...interesting and enlightening conversations ensued, then...
  10. Decided to quit the troupe after 8.5 years as a member.

I felt like I ended a long-term relationship when I wasn't quite ready to make that change. I cried, I felt alone...and then I felt inspired and invigorated. When I started this blog I intended to have stories beyond just reviews of the show. How ironic, that now it is really about me finding out who I am as a dancer outside of Mirage.

Mirage was the place I got my 'hips' wet, performed my first solos, directed my first choreographies, was given the opportunity to teach, and above all else, the honor of meeting and dancing with so many wonderful women. Now, I get to learn if I am more than just a member of the troupe. How fitting this blog title now seems!